Elder Spencer T. Bowers

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Spain

Hello world!

Hola! From Madrid Spain!

  We arrived in Madrid on July 16th.

Hi, thanx for the concern.  The flight went well, as in we got here. I didnt get much sleep though, but get to go to sleep at 7 O´ Clock tonight which will be nice.  I was glad i could talk to you guys a little bit before i left for Spain, it was good to hear all your voices again.  I hope you guys are doing well.  By the way, for some reason they put pretty much all the missionaries together so we didnt get to sit by anyone who wasnt already of our faith 😦     It was crazy though, to not have a full day pretty much.  Its different here in Madrid because there are no houses here, just apartments.  Its quite different and the MTC here is only 3 floors if you can believe that.  Technically 6 floor but the other floors are used by the temple.  There are about 25 elders/sisters all together here its really really wierd to be honest.  We were given alot of free bees today/yesterday, like calling home, emailing you guys when its not our p-days and things of that sort. Lets see i dont have much to say considering i talked to all of you not very long ago.  Guess another thing is that our rooms are alot nicer here than the ones in provo, UT.  There are 6 beds when there are only 4 of us in the room, the showers are crazy better like they have a door for each one to them and so its all private.  I love you all soooooooooooo much. : )
P.S. I cant wait for the 6 weeks to get over with so i can get in the field and start teaching!!!  o well. Patience is a virtue.


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