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Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Spain

Letter from Presidente y Hermana Hinkley

August 31, 2009

Dear Families of our new missionaries,

      We are pleased to inform you that your son has safely arrived in the Spain Barcelona Mission.  Hermana Hinckley and I, along with the two assistants, met him at the airport.  The group of missionaries we received consists of wonderful young men and women, ready to go to work. Their enthusiasm reflects their love for the Savior and we are grateful for the privilege of guiding them along as they serve the Lord.

      Every area in the Spain Barcelona Mission is unique and beautiful, rich in history and tradition.  More importantly, each city is full of children of our Heavenly Father, waiting to hear the glad news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

      Thank you for the trust you have put in us to shepherd your son.  Please know that we feel a great responsibility to guide and protect “our” missionaries.  We love your sons and daughters as if they were our own.  With the Lord’s help, we intend to make their mission experience in Barcelona the most memorable time of their lives.


 Presidente and Hermana Hinckley

President and Sister Hinkley with spencer and comp

Elder Bowers, Elder Pando, Presidente y Hermana Hinkley


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Arrive in Barcelona

August 31, 2009

Just wanted to let you know that I have arrived in Barcelona and all is well.  It is very humid here.  My new area is in Valencia serving with Elder Pando.  He has been out for 10 months and speaks the language very well, like a native.  He is from Texas.

We are teaching a young man who wants to get baptized but must marry his fiance first.  Who knows, she may become interested also.

Our ward mission leader is an American who served his mission in Spain and came back to marry a beautiful Spanish woman and live here.

It is so hard to understand what the people are saying but I am trying very hard to listen and understand.  Two Christlike attributes that I am striving to develop are faith – that the Lord will help me learn Spanish through the gift of tongues and second, patience in learning the language and working hard to bring others to Jesus Christ.  Missionary work is tough but it builds character, just like it is building me.  We do alot of walking.  My companion is very excited and told me we are going to go crazy this week doing missionary work.  He is very motivated.  We do alot of contacting people in the streets here so we do alot of walking.

Our ward is amazing here, there are about 90 active members so it is a pretty large ward.  Also, we have one of the best chapels in the mission.  There are lots of dogs here in Valencia.

Elder Spencer Bowers

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