Elder Spencer T. Bowers

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Spain

Valencia Spain in September

October 19, 2009

 Well last week we were fired so many times but its ok that’s why we have this week to not get fired haha.  It was mostly just people on the street that said they would be in there house but either forgot, lied to us, or are just insane.  BUT we had 4 visits with our investigator last week because she won’t be here this week cause she will be over at her moms house to take care of her cause her mom has cancer.  Thank you for praying for her 2 sons and her, I really appreciate it.  Glad you got my letter and I was going to say though that after hearing that talk by Elder Holland at a members house this last week I would say that would probably be one of my favorites too.  It was amazing…………..haha. 

 Well our investigator’s baptism date is coming up soon, not this Saturday but the next and she is totally ready.  She went to Stake Conference both Saturday and Sunday which was great to see.  She has a lot of friends in the church now because we take a different member over every time we go.  We had Stake Conference in the Hotel Hilton on Sunday because the chapel in Valencia won’t hold everyone.  It was really nice. 

 My Spanish is getting better and better everyday and I am hoping this next transfer I will be teaching confidently and well. 

 Oh yeah just curious how The new Harry Potter movie was i know its been out for awhile now but I was just wondering cause none of you said anything about it really.  Elder Pando (my trainer) hit his year mark this last Thursday the 15.  Didn’t really get to celebrate but the next day we ate some kebabs (man are kebabs good : D). 

 Cole is a cute lil kid and funny too ^.^ I cant wait to hear him talk haha.  Erica´s concert was good I’m assuming like always : D   By the way sorry if I offend anyone cause here in Spain everyone is straight forward about everything.  If someone is fat they will say your fat.  If you look young like me they will say you look young (like I have heard a million times now haha).  So yeah I will try and minimize the criticisms but that’s the way we are over here. 

 I will try and print your email out and write more later today.  Hope the best for everything you guys are doing and LOVE YOU ALL.


Elder Bowers

 P.S. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true.  It is Christ’s Church restored to the earth once again.

Downtown Valencia

Downtown Valencia

Beautiful buildings

Beautiful buildings

Me on top of a cathedral that over looks Valencia

Me on top of a building that over looks Valencia

Valencia architecture

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