Elder Spencer T. Bowers

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Spain

Staying in Valencia

October/November 2009

          Man, can you guys believe on Christmas Eve I will have been out for 6 months!?!?!? INSANE! Time is going by too fast for my taste.  I just got my new companion today, his name is Elder Lindsey.  He is from Utah and seems like a really good Elder. 

            I am having a great time here in Catarroja.  We are seriously going to start baptizing everyone here in this area.  Our ward members are perfect, just about.  They are starting to give us referrals so we can teach their friends.  And the members of the ward are always talking to our investigators at church or wherever they see them.  It is so great here.  My companion doesn’t want to leave this area and I am starting to see why.  It is one of the best areas ever.   Members feed us a lot, they help us a lot, our Bishop is amazing, and same with our ward mission leader.  We obtained a new investigator from a couple in our ward who had a friend over for dinner and they invited him to take the lessons.  We just keep on receiving more and more new investigators.  We got 2 more new ones this week,  it is so great.  The lord is blessing us greatly.  The Baptism went well and the new member will be confirmed the following Sunday because she has to work tomorrow.  There is no joy like seeing someone enter the waters of baptism and make covenants with God.

          For some reason no one thinks that my mission has baptisms, but we do and we are going to achieve our goal of 400 baptisms this year for the 40th year of this mission opening and also this transfer we are going to get 57 baptisms which is a record for this mission.  The fasting and praying as a mission for us to meet our goal is working out well so far and I know we will reach our goal of 400.

          It is really weird over here, if you have a young child strangers/people who aren’t family will kiss them and act like they are part of their family.  I don’t remember seeing anything like that in America.

           It is insane to think that as I am writing this letter (Oct 27th) that Andrew and Josh are leaving on the plane to depart for their assigned missions and that they are going to meet their mission president and trainer soon.  I also can’t believe that Brandon has been with his trainer for a week now.  It is so crazy.

November 2009

          We went to Lladro last week, which is a company that makes porcelain.  Lladro is worldwide and there is even a store in Las Vegas.  We took a tour of it and saw how everything is made, watched a video of the making of the company.  It was very good.  Man, here in Spain it’s so crazy……they will celebrate anything to get out of work.  Their holidays aren’t that big because they celebrate all the time haha.    We are going to Xátiva today where there is a Huge castle and take a bunch of pictures.  It should be fun. 

          Oh yeah, I did receive the Hot Cheetos and the rest of the things in the package THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

          I can’t remember what Thanksgiving is called here in Spain but it isn’t that big of a holiday as you can imagine.  But since it was Columbus who made it so that we can have Thanksgiving and seeing that Columbus is from here in Spain they still kind of celebrate it.  I hope you guys love the wonderful food. 

          You asked me the ratio of American missionaries to European missionaries and I found out that we only have about 8 native missionaries and the rest are Americans.

          Always remember that if you pray with faith and show in action your faith you will receive whatever you ask for from the Lord.  Because he loves us and wants to bless us.

 P.S. I am not sure if you have received the Missionary Newsletter from The Wards yet but if you have send that my way if you can please. I love reading it.

 By the way, Elder Kopischke, our Area president for Europe is coming here on Thanksgiving giving to give us a conference.  I am excited! well CYA!

Xativa – castle

Castle , Xàtiva ( Játiva ) , Valencia , Spain , Europe stock photo

Catarroja, Spain is a suburb of Valencia

Lladro Porcelain




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