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Happy New Year

January 2010

            It is super weird that we are in 2010 and that I am in my black out year.  Black out year is the year that a missionary has a full year in the field. 

            Rebajas starts this week.  That is when they drop the prices in all of Spain a whole bunch.   I saw a place that said 20% off everything…another place said 50% off. So I can’t wait to go to Valencia today. 

            I was asked where I would like to serve next, and I thought Barcelona would be nice.  I also hear a lot of good things about a place called Tarragona(www.euroresidentes.com/euroresiuk/guides-spain/guide-to-tarragona.htm).  I hear it rumored that it’s one of the best places in the mission.  There are some other places I have heard about that I would like to go to but I will go wherever the Lord puts me because I know that wherever he puts me I will do his work and there is someone there that needs to listen to me. 

            The language is coming much easier now.   I just need to increase my vocabulary and then I will be a PRO! : D haha.  Well maybe not pro, but close : ). 

            I always love doing this work.  We work hard and maybe we don’t see anything for awhile, BUT then the Lord rewards us for our efforts and we see many miracles because we demonstrated our faith through hard work.  Missionary work is so amazing.

            I know that there is a God in heaven who loves us and that his son Jesus Christ suffered and died for me and for everyone.  Also that we have the scriptures for our benefit and that we need to read them everyday.  When we read them we are starting our day out right because we are spiritually strengthened and then later we are physically strengthened. 

Elder Bowers

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Beautiful Valencia

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