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Transfer to Barcelona

 Well today was my preparation day and thats why this is so late.  The reason for today being preparation day is because I am in the office now.  I am the registrator.  We have preparation days on wednesdays, but on transfer weeks it changes to thursday.  I hear too that even on normal weeks it will change to thursday.  Anyways, I have been really busy trying to figure out this job.   I am working around the clock trying to get it down because the missionary who was in my place before me only had the time to train me on the job for 48 hours 😮 :(.   It was pretty disappointing but I am starting to get it now.  We have stayed up past 12 since i have gotten here except for last night.  It is that crazy.  I am liking it alot because i have something to do always and it makes the time go by really fast.  We dont have normal days like other missionaries.  We are in the office until 6pm everyday and then we go out to proselyte after.  I have only gone out to do that yesterday since I have gotten here.  During transfers we don’t get to go do much with the real missionary work.  What I have to do as registrator is pretty much make it so that the missionaries aren’t sent home.  They have to register each time they are transferred to another city and I have to make sure they have all the right paperwork filled out and sent into the city.  I am here for them.  I also put in all the baptismal information into the system.  I have a mountain of things to do.  We only have like a couple of minutes to eat.  So yeah, if you need to send anything…I am here in the office and I will get it here.

We have a missionary couple who only speak English, so we do not get to practice our Spanish as much in the Office.  We live here in the office and end up ordering our food from local grocery stores or restaurants.  We eat our main meal at lunch and then just snack in the evening.

Yeah we can watch general conference, but we don’t get to see the last session of conference because its too late for the missionaries to watch the last session so we have to see it later (http://lds.org/conference/sessions/display/0,5239,23-1-1207,00.html.  It kind of stinks but what you gonna do.  You make sacrifices as a missionary and thats one of them.

Well, I know that if we show that we are trying our best and trying to be obedient to God and His commandments and showing our faith we can receive all the happiness and joy that we will need in this life.

They don’t make them like they used to.

Ceramic figurines

Colorful dragon

Jesus Christ – Our Savior and Redeemer

The price for having fun!


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